Tent building employee (directly a half year contract)

  • Kessel
  • LBO / VMBO
  • Fulltime
  • codeSalarisindicatie Salaris €11,09 - €14,03 per uur

Are you eager to just get started, while being physically active and then the best thing: getting paid for that too?! And that with an employer who understands you and building tents like no other! And then you still can rely on us for support. We are still looking for an assembly employee who knows how to get things done for one of the largest companies in the supply of temporary housing. Traveling and working throughout the country, and sometimes also across the border. Sounds like a job for you? Read below what you will be doing during this job.


As a tent builder you are a flying keep in and around the construction site. Whether it's loading or unloading the trucks, building or dismantling the tents: you feel like a fish in water! Your day is a success when everything runs smoothly during the assembly work and that it all looks neat! Of course you stick to all the rules, safety comes first! At the end of the day you feel satisfied, because hard work is rewarded.


  • A broad smile on your face, you always stay positive!
  • Flexible work setting
  • You work accurately
  • You can work both independently and in a team


To start with a fair salary and directly a 6 month contract with the client. In addition, we have some nice 'extras' for you such as personal attention and sincere appreciation, but really! We love you! We believe in 'powerful people' for a reason. That is why we also invest in your future, a number of your predecessors have obtained extra certificates or, for example, the large driver's license via our own Academy. If you have the ambition, we will help you on your way! Experience for yourself how work can be done and JOIN THE FORCE!

"Er is goed persoonlijk contact en er wordt geluisterd naar de werknemers!"