assembly worker (half year contract)

  • Kessel
  • LBO
  • Fulltime
  • codeSalarisindicatie Salaris €13,27 - €15,69 per uur

Are you looking for a job where you can develop your assembly skills? Are you looking for an employer who really understands you and has time for personal attention? Then we have good news for you: this job as a assembly employee is made for you! At the moment we are looking for an enthusiastic assembly worker who likes to travel and work outside. After the selection, you will immediately receive a six-month contract with the client.


As an assembly employee tent builder you, and the team you work with, build tent systems for temporary use all over the country and sometimes even abroad. Your working space is never the same. Whether it's loading or unloading the truck, building, and disassemble the structures: your day is a success when everything runs smoothly! Of course you stick to all the rules, safety comes first! At the end of the day you feel satisfied, because hard work is rewarded.


  • A positive attitude, working is your life
  • You are flexible, just like your working hours! We can actually put you anywhere, you adapt
  • An eye for detail
  • You are a team player who can also work independently.


In 1000 and 1 ways. At Logistic Force we believe in powerful people. How do you see that? There is personal attention and genuine appreciation. To start with a fair salary but that is only logical, right? In addition, there are the 'extras'. We invest in your future. Do you have the ambition to grow in your profession? You would not be the first to obtain a forklift or reach truck certificate through our own Academy, for example. If you have the ambition, we will help you on your way to a better job!

"Er is goed persoonlijk contact en er wordt geluisterd naar de werknemers!"